Are you one of the faces of trauma?
I know I am.

As a mother, I’m appalled when I realize what I had done to my daughter, even unknowingly. To this day, she still recalls having to keep quiet and tiptoe around me when she was just four years old because I would flip from numbness to rage in a split second.



Trauma, if unhealed, gets inadvertently passed down to the next generation.

Children receive the indirect impact of our trauma and, in their own way, are recipients of “secondary trauma.” It impacts their being as well as their lives because they must learn defensive survival skills in order to live with their parents. Sadly, these skills become crippling defense mechanisms that they carry throughout life, often never knowing that they have.

Let me be clear then that this is not what survivors do on purpose. They may not even know they do it.

In my work as a psychotherapist...

I didn’t even realize how my trauma affected my children for a long time, even as I was undergoing my own healing. In fact, the field of psychology hadn’t yet discovered the severe effects of trauma — even on those directly traumatized.

But now, things are changing. Today, trauma survivors have more support than ever before.

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