Qigong Meditation

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

For those of you who want to start with a simple qigong meditation for relaxation, here it is:

Start with 10 minutes each day for 10 days, finding a time when you’re not rushed, same time every day. No more than 10 minute so that your body can gradually adjust to this new energy. This becomes a discipline and your body starts looking forward to this time.

Sit up straight, either on ground with legs crossed or on chair. If the latter, make sure both legs are uncrossed, feet (barefoot optimal) on the ground and sit closer to edge of seat so that the “qi” can flow behind you. If you have a bad back and need to lean on the back of the chair, please do so.

For men,  left hand over right, palms up, place in lap. For women, right hand over left, palms up, place in lap.  Notice when hands are on lap, they are situated by the dan tian – the qigong place of power.  Also, in the middle of each palm is the acupuncture point of the heart; therefore, heart is being activated.

Lower chin slightly – not the head – this straightens the spine. Place tongue on upper roof of mouth behind top teeth – this activates the immune system. Keep tongue there throughout the entire meditation.

If you know how to breathe thru your diaphragm, do so. This is optimum in intake of breath, but if you breathe through your lungs, just do that for now. I will go through the diaphragm breathing another time. Always  breathe through the nostrils.

Close your eyes, and focus on the inhale and exhale of breath. Gently breathe in as deep as you can WITHOUT FORCING, and slowly exhale. You are bringing in fresh pure qi w. each inhale, and releasing all the stress that you may not even know you carry with each exhale. Simply be aware of the sensations in your body as you inhale and exhale. If your mind wonders, simply acknowledge where it goes, then come back to the breathing.

At the end of 10 minutes, men place left hand over right 2 inches below navel – this is called the dan tian, your place of power. Women place hands, right over left. This serves to seal the qi that you’ve accumulated for the day.

Like any discipline, what is required is consistent practice for it to be effective.

Remember that the “qi” will increase even if you don’t do it perfectly. That’s what’s amazing about it. The important things to remember in qigong is:

  • Not to force anything, allowing everything to happen naturally.
  • If you start to have any pain or other reactions, stop immediately. Do not be alarmed. The qi sometimes intensifies in areas that are unbalanced.
  • People will have different reactions.
  • The slower, the better.

Any questions or comments, please contact me through comments. ENJOY!

* This is for relaxation purposes ONLY.  Anyone with a medical problem needs to see a physician. If you are under the care of a physician, please get his/her advice re this meditation.